As a guy who lives for change and is embarrassingly addicted to novelty, I’m a pretty nostalgic guy.

For those of us who have used email for most of our lives, the nostalgia box is pretty deep.

I have one pulled up right now.

This particular email is from one of my best friends and closest advisors before I knew he’d become that. It doesn’t read quite like I’d expect that to.

I was, at the time, just 5 months into The &yet Adventure, a naive and lonely freelancer, sub-leasing a 10x10 office from Nathan Fritz’s company, Bridged Analytics—the office also simultaneously containing Nathan Fritz and Michael Garvin, the three of us and our multiple-monitor setups economically packed like cyborg sardines. (Of course, this was a full year before Nathan would actually become a member of the &yet team.)

The email simply reads:

  Fix your captcha so the value isn't actually
  hidden in the form. (put it in the session
  and check the post) Friend of the fritz.. -Adam

And that was my first introduction to Adam Baldwin.

The next was him walking into the office while I had my headphones on and scaring me so bad I physically leapt from my chair at his tap on my shoulder. (I’m a sorta jumpy guy when focused.)

But back to that first introduction.

Clearly, the capchta had a pretty humorous problem which I wasn’t aware of, but now I’m getting a fairly humbling email from some dude who I’ve never met about it? Hadn’t ever experienced that.

Adam Baldwin has this habit of passively assessing the security of every site he visits. In fact, he has dozens of scripts and tools he’s written to help him do this while he browses. Heck, the man has *job systems* spinning for this purpose.

As this, I’ve come to learn, *this* is totally Adam Baldwin.

This is Adam Baldwin, too: aka evilpacket, who in addition to poking holes in my capchta, uncovered Basecamp vulnerabilities that encouraged 37Signals to change their policies for handling reported vulnerabilities, found huge holes in Sprint/Verizon MiFi (that made for one of the most hilarious stories I’ve been a part of), published vulnerabilities *twice* to root Rackspace, shared research to uberhackers at DEFCON, and has on-and-off advised the likes of GitHub, AirBNB, and LastPass on security.

This a guy who out here in the middle of nowhere built a badass security consulting business while gradually advising this web designer into somehow building a 15 person software team full of people The Valley would love to get their hands on.

And now, somehow, this:

I get the privilege of announcing that Adam Baldwin will be joining our team at &yet as CSO—a double title: Chief of Software Operations and Chief Security Officer.

Adam will be adding his security consultancy, alongside &yet’s other consulting services, but will also be overseeing our team’s software processes, something he has informed, shaped, and helped externally verify since, I think, before most of our team was born.

Um, this?

This is awesome.