Real tears over a real friend last night. And this morning.

We’ve had to say goodbye to someone on our team five times in the past year. Five.

At this point in 2011, we’d never had anyone leave our team. But I recently started using TwitShift to follow my own tweets from a year ago, so I’m soon to see the outer ripples of our first loss come into my twitter stream, with four more to follow. Each painful in their own unique snowflake way. Each wound still fresh.

Sure, coming and going is part of business. But I’m not a business guy. Yes, I’ve learned a lot about it and run a (usually!) profitable one for four years now, but at the end of the day, I set out to build a life I enjoyed and a team I loved to work with and learn from more than a profitable business.

When I was five, I started a club and named it The Weirdo Snakes Club. (Which is what my mom secretly calls &yet.) Today, some of my closest friends are people who were in that first club—and this one.

As I’ve often said, I once asked my father what the best lesson he’s learned about business and he said, “It’s about people.”

If &yet had an origins story, it might be found in that conversation. A radioactive entrepreneurial bite combined with that advice produced……! This!

This great and beautiful mess of loss and profit, disaster and adventure, fear and boldness, pain and joy.

A mess I wouldn’t trade anything for.