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I honestly liked freelancing better than running a company, but I think that’s mostly out of my own personal weaknesses.

As a freelancer, I could participate and collaborate as an equal in conversations, and express opinions without them meaning much of anything to anyone. I could try and fail ...

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Individual, one-to-one connections are what I want out of and what I want to put into a community.

That’s the only real value I can give and it’s the only value I seek.

I’m not a community leader.

I’m an individual person going somewhere. And I ...

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The LxJS team was incredibly warm and welcoming. I’m very grateful for all their hard work on a great conference and for giving me the chance to share this talk there.

Slides with notes:

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Woke this morning, unable to get back to sleep. Thumbed through my phone, stumbled upon Timehop and opened it to see what I’d posted about online this day in the past.

I read half a sentence and stopped cold. Exactly two years ago, one of the most amazing young ...

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I was honored by the wonderful JSConf EU team to be able to share this talk at this year’s conference.

Slides with notes:

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I read this post by Eric Meyer this morning—his reflections written in the few hours before taking his five year-old daughter to receive treatment for cancer on her brainstem—treatment that may cause permanent cognitive damage.

I immediately began crying.

Simply imagining going through that experience with one of ...

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We’re releasing a semi-dystopian science fantasy novel written by Mike Speegle for RealtimeConf where the bad guys are a dark and nebulous force called SILOS—an analagous mix of everything we hate about the NSA and the corporate tech company buffoonery that is forcefully and rapidly undermining the Open ...

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Wince though I may:

I (eventually) appreciate each excruciating reminder that not everyone likes me.

That there are others more brilliant, more talented, more creative, more capable.

That I am biased and broken and blameworthy, and sometimes bigheaded, pigheaded, and worse.

That I am good at being wrong. Ahem. That ...

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I’ve decided to take a Summer Internet Vacation, which means, um, mostly saying “no” to the most persistent elements of technological addiction.

I took a month off most of the Internet last fall and it was a wonderful, relaxing growth experience. I’ve been quite oppressively connected the past ...

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I’ve been thinking about what it was about NodeConf that had me a little anxious going into it.

Was it my fear of looking like an amateur developer? Not really. Was it worrying about camping with two small children? Nope. (They did great!) And it wasn’t even about ...

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How did you get here?

Erm, set aside the stork for now. I mean: how did you get where you’re at in your life and your career?

You probably have a pretty good story to tell about how you set out to do (a), but because of (b), you ...

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Slides here


I want to ask you a question.


Why do you do what you do?

How many would say you’re passionate about software or the web or some aspect of your work?

Passion is a funny word. We use it a lot (at least in English ...

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At the conclusion of this year’s JSConf, Chris Williams held an open discussion, taking questions and comments from the several hundred gathered.

You could sense the mood. Hanging, unspoken, in the air was a sense of everyone asking, “Is it really almost over?” This feeling began to increasingly manifest ...

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People always say I’m the Beatle who changed the most, but really I see that’s what life is about. You have to change.

— George Harrison

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Sit down. Okay, let me hear it.

You know—the thing you’re really passionate about. It’s distracting you completely right now. It keeps you up, wakes you up, and catches you daydreaming in between the rude interruptions of real life.

You look down, take a breath, and then ...

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I wish to be protected most of all not from pain, hardship, or failure—but from ingratitude.

He who is grateful already has everything.

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Leaders === people who happened to have some extra time when a vacuum was created.

Mikeal Rogers

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As long as we are able to
be extravagant we will be
hugely and damply
extravagant. Then we will drop
foil by foil to the ground. This
is our unalterable task, and we do it

And they went on. “Listen,
the heart-shackles are not, as you think,
death, illness ...

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I woke up in a Los Angeles hotel bed in the early hours of last Tuesday and picked up my phone to see it was 5am and I had a new email from an old friend.

Of course I opened it.

A minute later, I was crying. A week later ...

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The more decisions someone makes, the more responsible they will feel for things. The more direct responsibility they feel for things, the more responsibly they will act and the more ingenuity they bring to their work.

Ah, but it is diabolically parabolic!

The more responsibility someone feels for things, the ...

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