Woke this morning, unable to get back to sleep. Thumbed through my phone, stumbled upon Timehop and opened it to see what I’d posted about online this day in the past.

I read half a sentence and stopped cold. Exactly two years ago, one of the most amazing young men I’ve known in my life was killed in a car wreck.

I received a call from Kristi today. She was frantic and crying.

She said she and the kids were just in a car wreck.

My heart stopped for a full minute as I scrambled for air the eternity it seemed to take before the next works came out of her mouth—that she and the kids were safe.

I don’t know why I have recently had so many frequent reminders of the depth of gratitude I should have.

I only hope I’m not preparing myself to deal with great loss.

But who am I to avoid it?