Success isn’t a goal, it’s a tool

Accomplishment is an irrelevant trinket, like a merit badge sitting in box of childhood nostalgia.

Sure, shiny is nice, but at the end of the day, success is just leverage to get things done.

It's a tool that can be employed to more efficiently make the kind of difference you would like to see in the world, whatever that may be.

On the first version of the &yet site, when it was just footloose and freelancin' ole me, I wrote, "I'd love to hear about your goals and see if I can help."

That's not really a marketing line, it's what I wanted to do for a living--and what I still want to do. It's really awesome that three and a half years later I still get to do that.

Back to work!

Capable isn't a strategic planning metric

You have a dream.

So, just like every single one of us, you ask, “Do I have what it takes?”

The answer is yes. Every other answer is a lie, an excuse or a distraction. The call itself is enough of an answer.

I consider myself good at a few things, passable at many, and passionate about more. What I’m capable of is completely irrelevant. I’m likely the worst to judge that anyway.

You prove yourself “capable” by simply *doing*.

So do.