Why do people contact me?

I’m busy with a lot of things and I can’t guarantee answers to contact forms. Sorry.

People typically contact me for a few reasons:

  • friends or acquaintances trying to get ahold of me because I’m not usually on social media

  • folks interested in hiring a speaker who combines a diverse entrepreneurial and creative background with experience in community development

  • journalists looking for a comment on Tri-Cities Public Market or other local Tri-Cities project stories

  • people looking for a job or advice on how to break into the market

  • entrepreneurs wanting me to invest in their startup

  • spam

The closer you are to the top majority of the list, the more apt I am to reply.

If you are from a traditionally underrepresented group, and you’re looking for help, I will absolutely reply and I will prioritize sharing my time with you.


Your call is very important to us. Probably.

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