Hi, I'm Adam.

I love doing ambitious things
with inspiring people.

Can a small businesses infuse a social purpose into their work and use their audiences to do transformative things? I absolutely believe the answer is yes—and the Misfit team are demonstrating what an impact it can have.

I am a huge fan of the Misfit team, who have partnered ...

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Fuse, our area’s coworking space, is beginning a project to publish ebooks. One which will soon be available documents the history of our local community of founders, professionals, makers, developers, and designers.

Below is my section. I was asked to describe the beginnings of Doctype Society and TriConf, two ...

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As I said here, it was a huge honor to be invited to speak at MisfitCon in Fargo, North Dakota.

This event has no website and talks aren’t recorded—AJ says it’s like a theatre production: “If you missed it, you fucking missed it!” But I knew my ...

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It was a huge honor to be invited to speak at MisfitCon in Fargo, North Dakota—an absolutely weird event with a collection of absolutely weird people.

Misfit’s ringleader, AJ, continued to insist on its weirdness, with random exclamations of “This event is so fucking weird!”

And it reminded ...

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I first heard about Jo Freeman’s The Tyranny of Structurelessness from Christina Xu at Brio.

I consider it to be one of the most important essays I’ve read, and I think often about organizations and how to help them be healthy and successful, while considering how to avoid ...

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I’ve begun working on a new project for this site. I’m going to write about projects I’ve been involved in and collaborators I’ve worked with.

I don’t ever anticipate this will be an exhaustive list, but I’d like an area where I can collect ...

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The Internet was a town.

Then it became a city, then a nation, then continents, then hemispheres.

Without centralized search tools, early communities were only discovered organically, like neighborhood cafés.

Businesses eager to multiply their reach and revenue logically rushed to create communities that spanned cities, nations, hemispheres. Maximum reach ...

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Expansion and development are two different things. Development is differentiation of what already existed. Practically every new thing that happens is a differentiation of a previous thing, from a new shoe sole to changes in legal codes. Expansion is an actual growth in size or volume of activity. That is ...

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I recently was voted on to the board for the XMPP Standards Foundation.

(XMPP—also known as Jabber—is a standardized protocol for realtime communication. We use it a lot at &yet and believe it to be quite useful.)

I’m extremely honored to become an official part of a ...

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I quit caffeine a few days ago in an effort to improve my overall mental health.

Caffeine is clinically shown to worsen depression and anxiety. Here’s a quote from one study:

Chronic excessive caffeine consumption leads to the development of caffeinism, a syndrome which includes increased anxiety, depression, frequency ...

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